Analytics as SEO tool

Understanding Your Site Visitors

Google Analytics is a key component of our business and is one of those few pages that I will check when I start my day. Analytics tells us key elements of our website’s visits such as how many people visited, where they came from, which pages are they interested in, etc. This is especially useful if you are marketing your website on various platforms and with this information, you will know what works, what didn’t and whats next.

Once these information are captured and processed, we will have a better understanding of our users, what they want, how long they spend on the site, and why they exited. Every business will find this reporting and stats crucial in their daily business operation.

Who Are Your Visitors?

Google Analytics does not reveal the name or contact information of your visitors, but it does tells you of their technological profile.

Useful information such as type of devices they are accessing your website from, browser and operating systems, connection speed, etc will be gathered for your next action. These are key information as businesses will know if their website is rendered effectively on the visitors devices. FYI, not all websites are displayed properly on mobile devices such as iPhones, Galaxy tabs, iPad, etc and this is the reason why every business should upgrade their ‘old’ website to a ‘responsive’ website to cater to mobile audiences. Learn More on our Responsive website development

Where Are They From?

Another useful piece of information will be your visitors’ geographical location. Businesses that deals internationally and rely on international traffic will find these very useful as they now know which particular country each visitors originated from. With these, they can adjust their marketing campaigns and events targeting strategy more effectively.

What They Need & Who Refer Them to My Business?

Google Analytics can tell you the source & search terms your visitors use to find you. If your visits originated from Google/Yahoo/Bing search engines, you will know what your visitors are looking for and implement strategies on what to focus on in your website’s homepage and if you are doing SEO for your website, you will be able to see results.

Another good insight will be information on which particular pages are popular and the time spent on it. With this info, focus on adding quality content of your products and services that majority of your visitors are looking for and intro new products/services they might not be aware of on highly visited pages.

How Frequent Your Visitors Visit Your Website?

You will know how many times each visitor visits you and this tells you if they are interested in buying/engaging your products/services. If a single user re-visited your website again and spends some time there, chances are they are more than likely to buy or engage you. It is normal for consumers to dwell before making purchases and with this, you can now do the necessary tweaks such as introducing limited time offers,promotions and discounts to encourage these visitors to quickly deal with you.

These are just small parts of what Google analytics stats and reporting can do for your business. You might not have the time to monitor these stats but we can do it for you and implement the necessary strategies in order to convert these visitors into clients. To know more about how Google can boost your business, contact us now.

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