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Why Responsive Website?

With smartphones and tablets becoming more capable & less expensive, mobile web usage is experiencing a tremendous growth. People (including us) are spending an increasing amount of time surfing for reviews and buying while on the go. Smart business recognizes this trend and capitalizes on it.

Have you ever surf a website on your smartphones and faced with the following issues;

✘ Enlarge/shrink the page just so you can read the information
✘ Not able to click into other pages of the website
✘ Slow loading of images, video

Do you feel frustrated after a while? Here's what a responsive website can do for your business;

✅ Changes it's appearance and layout based on device the website is displayed on
✅ Automatically re-adjust the text on the page for easy reading on smaller screens
✅ Buttons on the phone's screen easier to press
✅ Display 'Tap to Call' button directly from website


By providing a great web experience to prospective customers, businesses will hold their audience’s attention much longer, increase readership which in turn improve the chances of landing a sale. In our multi-screen world, this simply means letting people access your content on whichever devices they own.

- Think about how your prospective customers interact with your website -

A poor mobile surfing experience can be disastrous for small-medium enterprises trying to build and market their online presence. Webox Online Solutions have designed and developed plenty of beautiful yet highly functional websites that deliver an 'App-Like' experience to web audiences without breaking the bank.

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