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Do I Need An Online Shop?

52% of Singaporeans are Online Shoppers. With over $43 million worth of sales transacted online in 2013, the internet has become a common shopping ground for many Singaporeans.

We believe in simplifying online businesses. Whether it's website designs, payment gateways, marketing campaigns or content management - our flexible features & tools facilitate our customers to have an effective control over their business.

With our feature-rich e-commerce solutions specially tailored for aspiring online retailers, you can build anything from a small online store to a virtual shopping mall. A ready shopfront, payment gateways, shipping options, full inventory control, product catalogues, promotional tools and other eCommerce features out-of-the-box.

A Shop That's Easy to manage

It's not easy to run a physical store. High rental cost, salaries, inventory list maintenance, logistics and the list goes on.

We understand that to survive in today’s ‘fluid’ business environment, businesses have to be flexible and agile in order to respond to market trends and technology enhancement. Therefore, we devise an e-strategy for you that is unique, innovative and aligned with your overall business strategy.

Our all-in-one e-commerce solution enables you to;

✅ Manage Customers' Order & Data
✅ Manage Product Catalogues
✅ Manage Stocks & Inventory
✅ Manage Promotions & Newsletters
✅ Manage Product Contents
✅ Manage Payment & Shipping Options
✅ Manage Loyalty Programs
✅ Monitor Site Metrics

Our powerful platform is designed to keep you focused on your business, while we take care of the online store infrastructure. Go Digital Now!
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